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Local Government: Enhancing Digital Efficiencies

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Local authorities are often in a state of flux: overburdened, under-funded, and trying to balance the needs of local citizens against the demands of central government. Continued budget squeezes and staffing reductions, while trying to deliver services to acceptable levels, make automating services and processes imperative.

Having a superior web presence, and a well-planned digital roadmap, is more important than ever to ensure local citizens of all backgrounds and abilities have access to two-way communication channels, and to the vital services they need.

At VerseOne, we understand that before any project can be undertaken, the majority of local councils need to provide a clear business case to justify budget, and this can often act as a barrier to digital change. We have worked with many councils to simplify this process and help support this critical first step on the digital roadmap.

Working with a number of local authorities has enabled us to develop and tailor aspects of our web content applications to align with the very specific objectives and requirements of both large and small councils and to demonstrate value for money and ROI with the solutions that we can offer.

  • Secure citizen portals linked to back-office systems for process automation and online customer service.
  • Transactional websites dsigned with GDS principles and geared toward improving SOCITM ratings.
  • Collaborative intranets supporting organisational developments and transformation.
  • Team-building tools for online communication and increasing staff citizen engagement through gamifcation.

In addition, our extensive market knowledge means that all of our services, from our professional project management to our robust, battle-hardened technology and free value-added events, work within the established practices of the local government sector.

See how we have been able to enhance digital efficiencies for some of our valued customers below.

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As part of its commitment to improving engagement with the community and delivering efficient local services, the council decided in the summer of 2010 to embark on a redevelopment of its website.

View the full case study here

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arun website

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