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VerseOne believes its employees should feel valued and have a fair and equitable quality of working life. VerseOne aims to promote equality and diversity and values the benefits they bring. VerseOne expects everyone within the organisation to act in a socially responsible fashion at all times.

VerseOne is committed to:

  • Provide fairness and equal opportunities in practice

  • Take an active approach to employees' training and development needs, including awareness of the policies

  • Reward and recognise everyone's contributions

  • Ensure good conditions of employment and career progression

  • Incorporate environmental issues into employee health and safety training

  • Encourage everyone to participate in initiatives that positively influence the environment

VerseOne promotes a code of conduct, including a code of ethics, that encourages employees to follow principles of good business and social behaviour.

VerseOne also participates in local community endeavours and supports appropriate charitable causes.

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