• Our product suite delivers unparalleled performance through one integrated technology stack.

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    Our access-anywhere web apps harness the power of digital to positively impact on our customers’ organisations.


  • The right technology platform to deliver your information in a personalised way to those who need access to it.

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Technology Platforms

Our software applications are built on a shared, integrated framework that enables you to deliver your content intelligently—rich with interactive media, visually engaging, and easy to navigate for all web users.

Content Security

As an enterprise systems supplier, VerseOne knows that its customers often hold sensitive personal data about their stakeholders. As such, the company has invested over 10 man-years into security across its applications and the managed hosting environment.

Professional Security

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Protect your content with secure certificates, defences against intrusion, and Payment Card Industry levels of data protection.

Fine-grained Permissions

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Assign read-only and editing permissions to users, configurable groups, or individual items of content.

Publishing Workflow

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Set approvers for users or content to make sure that your content is always house-style and accurate.

Version History

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Keep a history of changes and updates that you can roll back to and audit to preserve the integrity of your content.

Media Management

VerseOne understands that a modern website, intranet or other solution requires rich media and document handling. That's why every installation of a VerseOne application comes with a highly capable Media Manager as standard.

Familiar Media Folders

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Organise your media in a familiar folder structure so that your content editors can always find what they need.

Image Editing & Manipulation

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Duplicate, resize, crop, and reorient images for multi-purpose use across your website or intranet.

Accessible Video

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Keep your rich media compliant with a built-in accessible HTML5 media player and attached transcripts.

Document Control

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Put review dates and status indicators in place so visitors can be sure they're downloading the most up-to-date documents.

Flexible Navigation

At VerseOne, we believe that user-focused navigation is crucial to the success of any website, intranet or portal. And we also understand that you need to be able to react swiftly to any issues—and that means flexible, varied and powerful menu management is built into our software.

Menu Management

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Pull in pages from any level or part of your site to create custom menus to direct users where they need to go.

Powerful Categories

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Allow visitors to navigate your information thematically by assigning clickable categories to content.

Filtered Content Lists

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Group your content into configurable lists so that visitors can see and overview of related information and drill down for more.

Re-usable Slideshows

Re-usable Slideshows Icon

Give your users a rich navigation experience by illustration signposts to pertinent content with dynamic slides and images.

Dynamic Design

You shouldn't be locked into rigid page designs that force you to adapt your content to your a pre-set layout. That's why VerseOne's product suite puts the ability to change the look and feel of your content directly into your hands.

Page Layout

Page Layout Icon

Arrange your content on the page in a dynamic, drag-and-drop wireframe layout.

Page Templates

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Create a page layout with key signposts and styles and save it for re-use across new pages and menu areas of your site.

Custom Styles

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Create visual variety by applying custom styles and appearances to content items or whole pages and menu areas.

Configurable Display

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Choose from site display options such as Accessibility tools, headers and footers, and editable page layout areas.

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