• VerseOne CMS's sector-specific, modular features mean you can expand your web solution as your business evolves.

  • VerseOne CMS supports integration with your other systems using open standards and the latest in web technology.

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    Accessibility, data protection, and compliance with information governance have never been easier to achieve than using VerseOne CMS.

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VerseOne CMS

The VerseOne CMS framework incorporates a series of integrated modules – all of which work seamlessly together to deliver the capability to gather, normalise, personalise and share content across our customers’ audiences.


Multi-Sites Icon

The ability to manage multiple sites from a single VerseOne installation was specified from the ground up, to include the ability to share the same piece of content between your websites, extranets and intranets instantaneously.


Publishing Icon

Publishing means that you do not need to push your content onto your site until your are completely ready. You can even schedule your content to Publish and Unpublish automatically—perfect for that embargoed press release.

Dual-Layer Interface

Dual Layer Interface Icon

Managing content is a complex activity that requires flexibility. The unique Palettes in VerseOne CMS free you from linear workflows and support your need to work with multiple pieces of content at the same time.


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Keep your content fresh and exciting by incorporating placements and widgets into each page. These small, defined content items can be placed on pages and moved about, or can be re-used throughout the solution for maximum convenience.

Registration and Login

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Targeting relevant content at appropriate audiences is a key component of any web service, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to create access-only areas of your site for the use of specific groups within your general audience.


WYSIWYG Editor Icon

VerseOne's software comes equipped with a fully-functional, Word-style - 'What you see is what you get' Editor so that your content managers do not have to learn any code in order to create rich content.


Collaboration Icon

You can invite other system users to collaborate with you: the software's record-locking system ensures that none of you will over-write anyone else's work.

Accessibility Checker

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VerseOne CMS features a built-in Accessibility Checker, which provides messages, prompts, and warnings to guide content authors to the publication of Accessible content and media in line with WCAG 2.0.

Advanced Search

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Content editors can build up detailed search strings through a WYSIWYG interface that enables them to find that piece of content swiftly. Using the power of the Advanced Search relationship queries, Administrators can even build up simple reports and export them from the system.


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Use drag-and-drop to personalise your Dashboard, where you can view reports such as Favourites, Tasks, and VerseOne Product News.

In-System Messages

In-System Messages Icon

Approval and Review notices are sent via the In-system Messaging (ISM) Framework. But ISMs can also be used to send messages to other system users—especially useful when updating your Collaborators.


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AutoSave ensures that you will not lose your work when you are called away from your desk or if your browser should crash.

Bulk Editing

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Sometimes you need to make a change to a lot of content at once: Bulk Editing allows you to apply across-the-board changes quickly and efficiently.

System Reports

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VerseOne's solution offers you a selection of built-in and customisable Reports—including what's in Draft and Broken Links—that make sure you always know what's going on in your software.

User Management

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Easily create new users and manage individual and group-level access to content.

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